Roman Starostin
Product Manager
I have been working for Aerospace and Energy production many years and now I'm ready for a next step. I'm interested in product management because it's really closed to my previous duties and I want to develope a new great product. I'm ready to get responsibilities for the products, results, and choices. I can do it because I'm constantly learning all topics related to this subject. I put some cases below to prove these statements.
Why choose me?
Know how to create cheap MVP
Have an excellent knowledge and experience in the metal cutting industry.
Analytic skills
Develop a product feature and release roadmap based on business targets, in-depth data analysis, and a clear understanding of Consumer Services' needs.
Customer development expert
Experience in conducting interviews through surveys, testing, analysis of consumer behavior.
Work story
Project Engineer in Aerospace and Energy Industry in Walter
Take part in developing new relationships with strategic customers like Boeing, Siemens, Liebherr, GE and many Russian companies. Optimized projects to reduce cost and improve performance for the customer. Searching for new trends for R&D.
Application engineer in Aerospace and Energy at Walter
Support customers all over Russia. Test tools and fix problems at customer side. Develop CNC programs for machine tools.
CNC programmer

Develop 5-axis CNC programs for machine tools DMG, Handtmann, Haas, Chiron; develop technology and process.
Product School
powered by Arkady Moreynis and Alexey Chernyak
Manage the end-to-end lifecycle of complex products from conception through launch. Strategize and execute on growth initiatives and translate it into a roadmap and execute against it. Manage a fluid intake and prioritization process to develop a product feature and release roadmap based on business targets, in-depth data analysis, and a clear understanding of Consumer Services' needs. Develop and measure product KPIs, derive key insights, drive reporting tools, and devise and execute experiments and multivariate tests to find product solutions.
The one of the biggest high-technology engineering group
Direct responsibility for measurable business and customer outcomes. Have a ability to establish rapport, credibility and influence others to drive results across a large matrixed organization. Partnership with Marketing, Production, Support, Engineering departments all over the world to deliver optimal results. Promote cross-team and cross-organizational knowledge sharing through all sales markets.
Private business
Mini hotel for long-term rent. Make clear understanding about process, ROI and customer service. Works on the present.
— Outstanding written/oral, organizational, analytical skills, and attention to detail;
— Ability to create product deliverables such as wireframes, prototypes, MVP, and requirements specifications based on researching user needs;
— A background in product management;
— Strong technical background;
— Ability to define KPI's and understand SaaS metrics, the marketing funnel, CAC, and LTV;
— Excellent time and project management skills.